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My Mission and Ideology

by Sharon Thurow on 12/17/17

I am here to let you know the background of my clinic mission and ideology. I started to dream about opening my own practice years before its inception in 2007. I decided to just visualize and put this dream into reality and became Thurow Primary Preventive Healthcare. It is a long clinic name but I remember thinking, how can I make people understand that I am not simply a primary care clinic, but encourage and stress prevention as well. So that became the beginning of Thurow Primary. 

I was trained traditionally in Western Medicine and was happy with this for a while, as it was easy to plug patients into medications and address symptoms, but never really making the patient feel better, just managed well with example for HTN or DM. There was a pc that was missing. I started to get involved with Metagenics and Nutrition Dynamics which put the focus on looking for the cause of the cause of the medical problem. I integrated supplements into the patient regimen if they were agreeable. I always work as a team player because in reality, it is their body and health-not mine.

 I started to realize that the majority of the immune system and the key too many health issues starts in the gut-when breached, causes local and systemic inflammation, and then I began to integrate probiotics with different formulas into their treatment plan along with putting the emphasis on lifestyle. This includes eating a non-processed diet, adequate hydration with usually ½ your body weight in oz. of water, exercise and stress reduction with doing activities that you enjoy.


I also realized that the patient had to have the motivation to address their health as they were the ones in charge. 

I had a patient that had heavy monthly cycles with pain and anemia, and started to have an elevation in her blood pressure also. She is 35 years old and I decided to find out what was going on with her body and delve that much further. After labs were obtained, realized that she was pre-diabetic (increasing the risk for type 2 DM which is starting to impact a huge population in the United States) and with this came systemic inflammation. Her bp, menstrual cycles all impacted by that metabolic problem. She gained weight and also noted that her estrogen levels were elevated increasing her risk for breast cancer. We sat down and came up with a plan. I offered her traditional medication therapy and she only wanted natural supplement alternatives.


She works 3 jobs in order to raise her 3 children as a single mom, but decided it was important to invest in her health. After being on this regimen for 6 months, able to turn everything around to normalize. This is just one example of a successful outcome when working as a team player with the patient in order to turn her health around and avoid the complications from DM. I always look for the prevention ant NOT a watcher and wait to see what happens. The patient needs to take action NOW and take care of their health for the rest of their life. 

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1. Cheryl Kaminski FNPc said on 12/18/17 - 01:43PM
Well written. Shared responsibility, to achieve optimal health & wellness!! Best Practice!! Your patients are blessed to have an awesome caring practitioner. Take Care, Cheryl

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