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Is Your Fat and Being Inactive Killing You?!

by Sharon Thurow on 12/30/15

Obesity is rampant throughout the United States and starting to expand world-wide. Our diet, lack of exercise with a sedentary lifestyle adds fuel to the fire. Most people who have insulin resistance don’t even know it for as many as 20 years prior to becoming diabetic. Excess belly fat actually causes inflammation and is the primary mechanism of insulin resistance. Belly fat plays a big part in the inflammation process and over time, because our largest immune system being in the belly/intestines, it becomes compromised as well. Insulin resistance does not cause diabetes but does set the stage by placing such a big demand on the pancreatic beta cells that produce the hormone, insulin. 
Insulin takes the blood sugar from the foods you eat into nutrition stored energy (glucose) into the cell. There are a limited number of insulin receptor sites that can do this job effectively. When fat cells take over the insulin receptors, the body stops listening and blood sugar flows freely to the blood, body and ultimately you become a sugar factory! As a result of this, muscle, fat and liver cells don’t respond to insulin and cannot absorb glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream. The body needs higher levels of insulin to help the sugar get into the cells for energy. The pancreas tries to keep up with the increased demand by producing more insulin. Over time though, insulin resistance can lead to type 2 diabetes mellitus and then the excess sugar leads to other serious health problems. 
Lifestyle changes are essential to addressing this epidemic problem. Diet-Mediterranean with healthy veggies, fruits, proteins and good fats, adequate water intake (1/2 your body weight in ounces of water), exercise 30min most days of the week, stress reduction through meditation, yoga or just having some fun and joy in your life, supplementation, and prescription medications can help to turn this around for you. 
In clinical practice, no single laboratory test is used to diagnose insulin resistance syndrome. We determine if a patient has insulin resistance through consultation within the clinic and by reviewing lab results. 
Would you change the course of your health if you knew what the end game was going to be-if you could be healthy? We at Thurow Primary Preventive Healthcare are here to assist you to find out the answers that could unlock the secrets to your health.

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