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Integrative Practice

by Sharon Thurow on 02/09/16

This week, I have decided to blog about my practice and why I do what I do. I spent years in “the system” and I could not, in good conscience, continue to prescribe medications that did not cure anything at all. Don’t get me wrong-there is a time and a place for conventional western medicine-how I was trained. I got tired of seeing no improvement in my patients and, often, as each year went ticking by, they did not improve or got worse. Why? I asked myself…

Fortunately, I got involved with integrative functional medicine and started to look for the cause of patients’ medical conditions. I expanded on what I was already doing to include holistic medical care. I started to learn about gut health and soon came to realize that everything started there. Imagine that-your gut being the key to one’s health! I continued to delve into this further and soon came to realize that from the gut came inflammation caused by a condition that affects everyone to some degree called intestinal permeability or “leaky gut.” This is when the gut gets overwhelmed with triggers including, but not limited to, antibiotics, aspirin or NSAID products (e.g., Ibuprofen, Motrin, Advil), gluten, GMO foods (genetically modified foods), and stress. When this happens and the body can no longer keep up with “cleaning” the toxins and free radicals from the intestine these actually start to leak into the blood stream and become the basis for inflammation. I have written about this before, but I just could not believe how this could affect an individual and their medical conditions manifested in the form of hypertension, hypothyroidism, and even autoimmune diseases.

I have finally found my niche in the health care field. I can identify causes through blood testing with a Singulex panel (full panel that includes cardiac risk biomarkers) that can help to identify one’s risk of heart disease, diabetes, autoimmunity, and hormone issues. By identification of these biomarkers, I can help a patient address their risks before they become a problem- a proactive approach. I also utilize a stool test from Genova Diagnostics that helps to identify intestinal overgrowth (yeast and other bacteria and organisms) as well as food sensitivity testing. All of this information is so valuable and helps to really look at the cause of your medical risks/conditions.

My staff and I are ready to work with you and take the time to find out the cause of the cause. No more medications just for symptom control. When you eat a healthy diet, exercise, maintain appropriate water intake, work at stress reduction, include needed supplements and medications, you, with our help, can have a better path to health. Contact us today! 

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1. Sarah Cady said on 2/23/16 - 09:20AM
How fantastic! There needs to be more practitioners like you!
2. WilliamJWilson said on 4/6/18 - 06:25AM
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